《Billionaire Insatiable Desires》[Billionaire Insatiable Desires] - The Love Triangle

We arrived early at the Golden Dragon Restaurant located in front of Bacolod City Hall. Its located in the heart of the city, five minutes ride from our place. The ambiance is totally Chinese; the intricate golden dragon motif with a red background, the music, the waitress uniform, and the lantern hang beautifully in each partition with silk curtains as a facade. The aroma of Chinese food triggered my voracious appetite. I composed myself and gazed at Ayah Isabel walking separately from me. Shes nervous, I thought, but shes calm, calmer than me. We are seated at the corner of the restaurant so that I can see whos coming inside the restaurant. I ordered two glasses of coca-cola soft drinks for a start and we waited.

Danielle Gustilo came ten minutes past eleven in the morning. Shes wearing a sleeveless red dress that suits her milky white skin, and a red leather clutch bag that blends with our environment. She looked at me first, then, shifted to Ayah Isabel, then sit down in front of us, as if sizing up the situation and controlling her emotion. Her face was serious. I started the conversation to break the silence. I asked her in a low voice, which I also do not know what to do. My heart kept on pounding but my heart was telling me to go on bravely with this situation. ”Danielle what would you like to have, soft drink or mineral water? ”

She did not speak at first, only looking me squarely into the eyes. Then in a minute, she said, ”Just water for me please. ”

I called the server, ordered mineral water, and asked Danielle, then Ayah Isabel for their food. Both women refused to eat. I said, ”Okay Ill order for taking out. ” A minute had passed; still, both of them did not say a word. Only, they were looking at me while I was ordering food. I sensed the broiling emotion between the two women who loved me, but, in different ways. So, without saying a word to them I called the server, ”Waitress, please, this is for takeout. Give me one order of Honey chicken with ginger shoots, one order of pork pickled mustard green noodles, and one order of wonton noodles. Have it ready, please.

” The server nodded, ”Okay sir, anything else, sir? ”

”Thats it thank you, ” I said naturally.

The waitress served our drinks and water to Danielle. I observed each one of them while I was sipping my drink. I made a move and started the conversation edging sideways looking into Danielles pretty face and thinking, to tell the truth once and for all.

”Danielle, Ill tell you the truth about our relationship…. even before the two of us… before we met…Ayah and I are living together…. while we
e attending school. She helped me a lot with my tuition and everything. Both of you loved and helped me for what I am right now. Despite the fact, that each of you, wanted me to finish my course. Im thanking you both for that matter. The problem right now concerns about the three of us…, ” my words trailing into the air with nothing to add…my mind turned tumbling down…my voice suddenly halted without a sound. The fear suddenly engulfed me all over knowing that this time was the best time to finalize the situation.

While I was thinking solution for this triangle, Danielle Gustilo stood up suddenly and said, ”I think you know that Marco, I love you from the very start when I saw you. I promised myself that only you could own my heart, nobody else, forever. I wanted to be with you, always, every second of my life. I love you more than my life. Say, what Im going to do, say it, Marco! Ill do it for you! ” Danielle started to cry hysterically while some of the restaurant guests are looking at us.

”Danielle, you know me, and…I love you! But I loved Ayah Isabel too! ” I said to pacify her anger.

I noticed Ayahs looking at me intently, drained, I sensed her feeling. I looked at her. I signaled to her, only Ayah knows what to do. Shes nervous and afraid. I had to back her up to talk, to disrupt the conversation, to erase the tension, because I had no courage to melt my feeling, in front of these two women who loved me. At last, I heard Ayah Isabel talk.

”Danielle, I understand your feeling and situation towards Marco. Not only had you who loved Marc truly, but I also loved