《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》[Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)] - Chapter 6: Hero

”My name is Keiram, and I come from a world other than yours… the world of Eteria. ”

Gideons eyes widened as he heard those words. ”Another world… Eteria? ” he repeated to himself to ensure that what he had just heard was true.

Keiram, who was stumbling around, nodded. ”Yes, but for the time being, we are still on the border of both universes… and I am here to bring you to our realm. ”

Gideon responded immediately by slowly walking back while shaking his head. ”I… I can . My mom and dad… They need me, and I don think they can afford to lose another son, ” he whispered softly. ”Keiram, right? Id love to help, and it appears that you really need it, but… I can leave my family behind, especially now that we haven fully recovered from the loss of my big brother, and losing me now will be very painful for both of them. ”

However, the person Gideon was speaking to looked down as he coughed, and the floor beneath him began to become wet from his own blood flowing out of his body. ”You have my heartfelt apologies, and it saddens me to hear why you don want to go, but… I have no other choice. The Serenity Heralds will ruin our world… ” The black sword that supported him fell, causing him to crouch on all fours on the floor.

”Keiram, dude, you
e bleeding! ” Gideon attempted to run and help Keiram, but the moment he took his first step, he was stopped by an invisible entity, preventing him from approaching Keiram. ”Is this some kind of barrier? What is this for? ” he asked, banging his hands against the invisible wall that was blocking his path.

”To protect you from me… and the ability that is slowly corrupting me, but that barrier will not last long. ” Keiram raised his face again, his countenance calm despite the predicament. ”One of our enemies has been attempting to take over my body; I won last much longer. ” He coughed again and smiled at Gideon. ”Our squad could no longer stop them… The spell that we used to call upon you was our final resort by employing all of our remaining strength. Our entire squad was defeated. If we are no longer around to save our world, Eteria will perish. However, on the verge of our demise, you have arrived and brought hope to us. The stone of otherworldly hero has chosen you. I beg you… Aid our people to save our world. ”

Gideon stopped banging on the barrier and furrowed his brows at Keiram. ”Woah, Buddy. Hold your horses… aren you asking a little too much from an 18-year-old boy? Do your injuries make you dizzy to the point where you can see properly? Can you see me? Look at me, what part of me made you think I was the right person to carry out that glorious mission of yours? ”

Keirams eyes brightened as his forced smile softened into a relief smile as he looked at Gideon. ”For hundreds of years, everyone thought you were just a baseless legend, that you were not true, but here you are, in front of me… Hero, may I know your name? ”

Gideons pupils constricted. ”Thats a sudden change of topic, but sure… ” He put his hands on his hips and looked Keiram in the eyes. ”My name is Gideon Brangwen, and I am from Earth. ”

”Gideon Brangwen… I see, ” Keiram nodded slowly. He groan