《The Genesis Experiment》[The Genesis Experiment] - The Discovery

Jiyo Kael was standing outside the elevator, listening intently, jumping when the doors suddenly closed behind him. Making as little noise as possible, he shone in the corridor, pushing hard on every door as he reached it.

Tea room; small laboratory; larger laboratory; Chief Technician; Mens toilets – empty stalls; Girl Toilet – ditto; Computer Technician; Canteen; Department of Malacology; Senior Invertebrate Zoologist; Secretary.

All rooms are quiet and empty. Two will go. Electrical Intake and Ventilation on the left; The Hole on the right.

Jiyo Kael first took the EI&V, which was also empty. He leaned against the wall of the corridor, he read dry lips and stared at the slightly open door opposite the wall.

He didn want to go in there. He knew waiting inside.

The staff gave the large recycling room the name The Hole because thats what it looks like. It is dominated by a large, two meter deep hole that sinks into the center of the floor with a knee -length wall surrounding it. Even from where he was standing, outside the corridor, Jiyo Kael could feel the suction of powerful ceiling fans taking air from the room.

He hasn been to the Recycling Laboratory since it worked but he knows that even if the extractors large fans are immersed, breathing in the rotten environment without an oxygen mask is nearly impossible. He didn look forward to getting into it in the slightest.

Next to the extract vent in the ceiling is a chute leading to the surface. It ended with a circular metal cover, caste on the concrete slab next to the entrance building. Here, and on a surprisingly regular basis, that recyclates enter The Hole.

Jiyo Kael pushed the door back on its hinges, turning on the overhead light. As the room was bathed in bright white light, he heard a crackling, sloping sound coming from the pit and hesitating on the threshold.

After judging himself for being cowardly, he took a deep breath and walked into the pit, staring as it filled. The surface still echoed from the movements of the creatures that dived deep into the sticky object when he turned on the lights. Disgusted to turn away, he took another quick breeze from the corridor and squatted in the corner, tidying up the tangled pile of bones he had seen there.

”Well, Ive solved the problem where all the staff is gone, ” he whispered, eyes starting to sting the stench in the room.

When Edward Wills arrived at the dock, he stopped in the car park and quickly turned off the engine. As he got out of his silver Mercedes Benz, he looked around, worried he would leave his expensive car in such a deserted place.

”Itll be okay here too if you park, ” shouted a thin man from the beach.


”Itll be okay here too if you park, ” shouted a thin man from the beach.

The man was wearing a pair of dirty orange overalls, bright yellow boots, and a rolled up woolen cap. He smiled and Edward saw that he had no teeth, as if his face had fallen.

”Here, ” the man called, waving his dirty hand. ”Your man there said I would take you to him. Fortunately he caught up with me. I just went out to the pub and all. These mobiles are great things, aren they. ”

The boatman shouted steadily as he helped Edward cross between the boat and the dock. Edwards nose twitched at the smell of fish wrapping around the vessel, secretly wiping his hand on the side of his coat as the boatman released it. Going to the back of the ship, he sat on the gunwale and tried to tune out the sound of the seamans voice.

The boats engine came to life in conjunction with coughing and bursts of black, foul smoke, before settling into a continuous pulse. The machine sounded as if it would explode at any moment, but the noise meant she no longer had to listen to the mans pointless chatter.

The boatman guided the beating vessel out of the sound, his body swaying in the movement of the waves as he turned the wheel back and forth.

”How long has it been? ” Edward shouted above the rattle of the diesel engine.

”About fifteen minutes or so, ” the boatman called over his shoulder, wiping the saliva off his chin with the back of his hand.

Edward Wills lived in a meditative mood, the throbbing engine and gentle receding waves coming together to reduce the tensions that had accumulated in his shoulders on the long, one and a half hour drive. from his mansion in