《The Genesis Experiment》[The Genesis Experiment] - The Hotel Workers

Current Year 2022

George Gomez calmed the car into the narrow lane, very crooked and dark. ”Im sure its just next door, ” he said.

”Maybe we should just forget about it and go back to the hotel, ” said his companion, who was fed up with his boss wasting all this time in search of the perfect view.

”No. No, there it is. Thats the way Im looking. ”

Emily thought the back road looked more like a path than a road, but remained silent, praying that George would not get stuck in the middle of it.

”Are you sure up here, George? ”

”Positive, ” he said once nodding quickly.

”Just a minute and there we are. ”

George was delighted. He had been chasing his secretary for eighteen months, trying every trick in the book to get into his pants. Emily was a stunner, the men in the office followed her with every move she made when she passed. She has full lips, light brown hair and the most impressive blue eyes.

Emilys figure is straight out of Penthouse magazine, and most of all, she has the most mischievous smile she has ever seen.

Tonight, he was sure. He didn exactly agree to sleep with her, there was no such way, but she agreed to come along to see the view over Bayo-bayo Point from the headland outside the Linapacan Island ravines.

When the path suddenly disappeared, Emily placed her hand on the dashboard with alarm. The only thing she sees in front of the car is a long drop on the beach below.

George laughed as he stopped the car, turned off the lights and engine. ”Here we are, ” he said.

Emily looked at the shore, catching her breath as she watched the scene. The night sky was clear, a bright moon threw a yellow stripe on the smooth surface of the sea towards them. She got out of the car and stood on the edge of the ravine looking out at the water.

”I told you it was great, wasn it? ” George said as he hugged Emilys waist. ”What view, hey? ”

Emilys hobby is photography and she takes it seriously.

When George first told him about the view from the Bayo-bayo Point gorge, he thought it had just come to bring her here for a little hanky-panky. Not that he objected to that, he was so handsome. She was married of course, but that didn bother him. If her husband can keep her at home, thats her tough fate.

”Get your camera and go here, ” George said.

Emily followed her boss across the thick grass and watched as it ignited from the bits and pieces of branches lying in the middle of the bushes. He got back in the car and came back with a blanket and two glasses. When he raised his eyebrow, he told her he would be back in a second, and he was, holding a bottle of Champaigne.

He laughed happily and kissed her on the cheek. ”Why don you prepare the things we
e going to use while I take some pictures, ” he said.

Half an hour later they hug, savoring the view and sipping from their glasses.

”George? ”

”Uh huh? ”

”I hope you didn think I was one of your easy ladies. ” She saw the frown on his face. ”Ive heard all the gossip, you know that? ”

”But Emi— ”

He put the cold finger to her lips, he smiled. ”Just shut up and kiss me. ”

George rolled on his back